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Why Blog? 11 Great Reasons to Start a blog in 2020

If you wonder why blog, here are some great reasons to start a blog in 2020.

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It seems that everyone is blogging? Yes, partially, it is true. Some take it seriously and even make 6-figures out of it, some blog just for fun. Let me share my thoughts on why blog and what benefits of blogging I see.

Why blog?

1. Make money

If you treat blogging as a business, you may eventually make money from it. Of course, it will require a lot of hard work, endless hours, and serious will, but as a result, there is a chance to build a career in blogging and make some serious money.

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If you already decided that blogging is something you’d like to try as a side hustle to make some money, I strongly suggest reading this book and take a blogging course from Alex and Laureen. It is worth every penny, because they speak from their experience. Therefore, you can take their knowledge and speed fast blogging based only on best practices.

2. Share knowledge and experience.

This is my personal reason why blog. I travel a lot and create very detailed itineraries every-time I go to a new place, starting from landmarks to coffee shops. As a result, a lot of my friends ask advice on what
I just got tired of sharing my itineraries with friends in messengers. Therefore I created Call It Adventure. Now, if any of my friends ask for things to do and see here or there, I just share a link. It is that easy, and we all benefit from it.

3. Blogging is a great brain exercise

For most of us, blogging is a whole new thing that we never did before. Every step of creating a blog is a challenge. How to figure out what to blog about? What platform to use? What is a platform? Where to start at all?

No doubt that blogging will keep your mind sharp. Of course, you need to be open and eager to learn new things.

It is overwhelming, and I get it. But the first thing is to get out of the comfort zone and start research. Or how I’d like to call it “googling.” In my humble opinion, the greatest ability a modern person can have that can help resolve 99% of the issues is an ability to search for answers. Do you have a question? Don’t let it stop you. Open Google, type in your question, and look for answers. In the technology world, it works like a charm. In the offline world, it is called “proactivity.” Have a question, google it!

4. Help other people

Don’t underestimate your skills. I bet there are tons of things you do better than other people. It can be cooking healthy food or dieting, reviews on books and movies or cosmetics, and so much more! There must be something that you like, have an opinion and experience to share. Your advice can be very helpful. Your experience can help other people improve their lives. Isn’t it a great reason to blog?

5. Boost creativity.

You will look into ideas, trends, think of new ways to do things, and so much more. All of this will boost your imagination and creativity that will uplift and benefit your mood.

6. Document your experience

One of the greatest reasons why blog is to document experiences. Like losing weight, following a new diet, creating an online journal of recipes, or developing a new skill. You can even blog about your blogging path to get a hand of it and then choose another topic and niche. Either way, your journey will be depicted, and you will be able to see the progress, share it, and motivate others to follow your footsteps.

7. Get extra skills

No doubt that blogging is a way to learn new skills. From writing to web-site development, and the list goes on and on. As a result, new skills acquired during blogging can help your offline career, can help land a new job offer, or simply start a new career you might have been thinking about but was afraid to do a switch. Blogging gives you a safe environment to try, test, and master new skills.

8. Blogging is easy

Nowadays, thanks to technologies and different resources, creating a blog is as simple as ever can be. Plus, thanks to Google, you can find almost all the answers you might have. That is to say, and you can set up a blog and have it running within one evening. Invest just a couple of hours max, and you have a platform to speak to the world. Isn’t is great?

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9. Blogging is affordable

A blog can cost you at little as $3.95 per month. To clarify, this is less than a cup of cappuccino at Starbucks. I think we all drink a cup or two cappuccinos per month. Why not save one cup and use this money to create something good that will help other people?

Little theory now. A blog has to be set on a web hosting platform. Currently, the most popular, very easy to use, and with great support is Bluehost. I had Bluehost in my mind when mentioned cost $3.95 per month.
There are some other platforms out there, but in my experience, Bluehost is worth a missed cup of coffee.

10. Get a voice.

Above all other reasons, blogging can give you a voice to let the world see your views and ideas. Therefore you can become an influencer and made a change. I think it is a pretty big reason, don’t you?

11. Get new opportunities

The opportunities that open when you start blogging are endless and limited only to your personal desire and intent. You can promote your business or a hobby, get an invitation to a conference, start a side hustle, and make extra cash, find a new career path and do so much more. By simply letting the world know your stories and ideas you share.

Why NOT blog?

1. Blogging affects social life.

It can eat up all of your free time, especially when you eager to build a brand and make money. Instead of going out with friends, you may end up working extra hours to create content, post in social media, and do research. Therefore if your social life means a lot to you, then maybe starting a blog is not something to consider in a serious way. Of course, you may have an online diary, but social media like Facebook or Instagram can do this for you. Why bother to create a blog?

2. Not a “get rich fast-track.”

That is to say, making money blogging is hard work. So, let me repeat it: blogging is not a “get rich fast-track.” You need you to invest tons of your time, effort, and creativity to make extra cash, and I’m not even talking about full-time job replacement of 6-figures income.

3. Blogging can affect your health.

For example, extra hours spent at the desk with a laptop will not help you stay healthy. We sit too much (hello from you core and all of the body muscles), we stare at the screen too much (hello from blurred vision), we spend too much time indoors without fresh air (hello from the immune system). So if you are looking for a hobby to improve your health, keep on looking, because blogging is not a very healthy way to spend free evenings.

Final thoughts

To sum up, what I would like you to do is to consider blogging as a hobby. You may have time for this, but you may as well not. It may turn into a business and make 6 figures, but as well it may cost you time and maybe some money bringing zero income. It may be fun, but it is also very challenging and stressful.

Knowing all of this would I start a blog, you may ask me. Of course, I would! And I would do it sooner.

Knowing all of this, would you start a blog? Let me know in the comments what holds you back or why you think it might be a good idea.

why blog

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