How To “Travel” from Home While Stuck

What to do when you stuck at home? Travel from home!

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I know it is quite challenging to stay in the house and be stuck at home for a long time when we need to keep social distancing (let’s call it physical distancing, but let’s keep in touch and stay socially close!). It is especially hard for those who had plans to go on vacation, visit new places, or just do a short hike. And I’m not talking about global events like cancellation of the Olympics or need to postpone weddings. I believe these two examples are equal in their moral weight. Joking. Who cares about the Olympics. Ok, hope, you’re smiling, and a tiny, tiny bit of good mood is present. That is what important.

I truly believe that even when something goes wrong, it is an opportunity to improve our experience, learn, and benefit from it. For example, I had (have. Hope and “have plans to”) to go to Iceland. A dream country of mine. Plus, I paid an arm and a leg for Iceland visa (if you’re a US citizen none is required. But I’m not a citizen. Yet). But it looks like I’m stuck at home and have to postpone the travel and visit Iceland some other time. Am I upset? Oh yeah. But also I know, that thanks to the things we have right now, I can spend the time given to me with great pleasure and not only not brag about ruined plans but prolong the fascination before the actual trip.

So, let’s stay positive and think of all the things we can do while quarantining. To spend that precious given time useful, let’s discover the planet, new destinations, and travel from home.

Here is a list of my ideas, that I use to get inspired, prepare and better experience travel in real life, that came as handy as can be during coronavirus to help you “travel” while stuck at home.

1. Watch a movie about travel.

Most probably, this is all we want to do while stuck at home. Just binge-watch movies and TV shows. Well, I’m not the one to judge, because I just love watching movies. Personally, I think it is a great source of inspiration and knowledge about a country or a destination when we speak about movies that are connected to a particular place. Here is a list of movies that I find interesting in terms of plot connections to specific locations and places.

I hope some of the movies will give you a little guide or excursion around new destinations plus a good plot.

2. Read a book about a foreign country.

A good book can transfer you to a whole new world and show new customs, traditions and tell stories. Nowadays we spend too much time in front of the screen. Why now trade time we spend on social media to reading a great book? Check the list of books about travel I gathered here. Trust me, some of these books will be the best reads of your life.

3. Learn a foreign language.

Ohh. This is what we all want and find excuses not to do. Me, the same. I struggle with Spanish for ten years, probably or more. A great idea to at least scratch the surface and learn some basics. A huge help will be numerous language apps like Duolingo. Personally, I use Memrise.

4. Master photography skills.

A bid part of traveling is to create memories, and photos are a huge help. Remember all these great Insta photos from bloggers that they post? You can take great photos too! Sometimes it is just a little help that makes the whole difference. I have some simple tips on how to make better photos with as little as possible hustle. But you can go deeper, learn technics, and take your travel photos to the next level.

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5. Plan a trip.

Find one destination you want to go to after it is safe to travel again and plan a trip as a reward for all this time you’ve been stuck at home.

Here are some ideas:

6. Go Google street view strolling.

I am not kidding. There is a popular photographer that also has agoraphobia and travel from home and take pictures with Google Earth and Google Street view. That’s entirely true. Here is a website called The Agoraphobic Traveller with photos taken from home with Google Street view. And the photos are great! The places look amazing. So, you also can take advantage of technology and visit any places you’ve been dreaming about or just take a lazy hike in one of the National Parks right from home. Another great option is Google Art&Culture where you can explore art and famous landmarks.

7. Visit museums virtually.

During coronavirus and quarantine, a lot of museums offer virtual tours of their precious collections. I think it is a great opportunity to explore art and history while stuck at home.
From The Metropolitan Museum to the Louvre and The British Museum enjoy world’s best art collections.

8. Cook international food.

Usually, we’re in a rush, but now we have so much time to experiment in the kitchen. Search for some unusual dishes or your favorite ones and try cooking them at home. Some of them may be very easy to prepare and turn out as good as if from a restaurant. We cook at home a lot of dumplings, and I bake a lot.

9. Listen to travel podcasts.

My favorite one is, of course, Rick Steves. He gives a lot of tips about landmarks, history, mentality, hidden places, and so much more that it gives you a full understanding of a country and its customs.

10. Sort out travel photos and create photo albums.

Even if we travel, do we print photos? I just received a photobook from my last trip, and it looks great! Excellent addition to a coffee table, plus it brings back memories and joy every time I look through it. We used Tripcast app for collecting photos as we traveled in a big group. Usually, it is a headache to bring together all the photos, but Tripcast makes it easy. Plus, there is an option to print an album that I used and very happy I did it. Give it a try. I’m sure looking through the photos is a great mood booster nowadays.

11. Find a side hustle to make extra money.

Nowadays, while some of the jobs are on hold, it is as popular as ever having extra hustles that can help earn money. Please check my ideas on how to make extra $100 a day. For those who into crafts here is a post about things, you can do and sell online to make extra cash. If you wonder, how does this go with “traveling” while stuck at home. The answer is simple: a lot of people work during traveling to make money for more traveling!

12. Learn a new dance.

To add some vibes learn a dance that is associated with vacation, sea, and warm temperatures. Learn salsa or bachata using Youtube videos. For sure, it will add to your mood in a positive way.

13. Sleep on the sofa.

What did you say? Yes, I suggest you change the daily routine and start sleeping not in your comfortable bed, but on the sofa. Or on the air mattress. Just like on vacation, you don’t sleep in your bedroom but in a new place. Well, the idea here is the same. Just try for one night. It might be fun to break the routine.

I hope you’ve found this post amusing and helpful Please let me know how do you cope with social distancing while stuck at home and share some of the practices below in comments that work for you.