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Survey Junkie Hack: Make More Money with Surveys

Survey Junkie is a research platform that pays for participation in surveys. Check Survey Junkie reviews and Survey Junkie hack before joining the platform and find out is Survey Junkie legit. 

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Survey Junkie is probably the most popular platform online to make money by participating in online surveys. People get rewards for sharing their opinion and thoughts at Survey Junkie. It seems too easy to be true. Probably that’s the reason why you were looking for Survey Junkie reviews. For all those who eager to find out how does Survey Junkie work, is Survey Junkie legit and how much can you make with Survey Junkie continue reading this Survey Junkie review. Plus, you’ll find a Survey Junkie hack as a bonus.

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How does Survey Junkie work

Survey Junkie works like any other survey web-site. Big companies examine demand trends and pay research companies such as Survey Junkie for collecting data and performing the research. Research companies, in their turn, look for participants and share a part of the income. This is a pretty standard process where you can make some extra cash.

The process of starting with Survey Junkie is pretty straightforward. You sign up, create an account, fill in some basic information like name, address, DOB, etc. Once you’ve set up the account, you can see the available surveys, how many points you can get, and how much time it will take to complete the survey.

Survey Junkie gives points for participation in different surveys. For example, you can get 75 points for 10 minutes survey or 115 points for 20 minutes survey. The amount of points depends on a survey and varies.

I like Survey Junkie because it is very easy to understand how much money you can make with Survey Junkie on each survey. The thing is that 1 point means 1 cent. So, when you see a 75 points survey, it means that you’ll get 75 cents once you complete it.

Additionally, you can get points for completing the profile, install a browser extension, and watch “how-to” videos.

You can redeem the point for PayPay cash or gift cards to Amazon, Target, and other retailers once you’ve reached the minimum amount of 500 points, which is 5 dollars.

Continue reading to find a Survey Junkie hack that will help you make more money.

How much money can you make with Survey Junkie

In short, you can make money with Survey Junkie. But a more important question, does it worth your time? Well, my opinion is that Survey Junkie can’t replace your day job, but it can help you make some money for an extra cup of coffee, a movie ticket, or even a dream vacation. All this for a no-brainer activity. You can participate in surveys at Survey Junkie on the go: when you wait in a line, relax after dinner, or spend a lazy weekend at home but still wish to make extra cash.

Survey Junkie Hack

Here is the best Survey Junkie hack to help you make more money with online surveys: sign up for the daily survey emails.

I have found the most success with Survey Junkie is by signing up for their daily survey emails. If you can do this and complete one survey a day, then you can make a bit of money. I’ve never made enough to pay the bills with Survey Junkie, but I was able to afford some extra purchases with Survey Junkie earnings.

Sign up for Survey Junkie here.

You’ll get a sign up bonus for signing up.

Each day you will be emailed a survey that you can take.

Complete the survey and submit it.

Here is another great Survey Junkie hack: refer a friend and get a referral bonus.

The referral program at Survey Junkie is pretty good.

You’ll get a $0.50 bonus for every survey your friend completes, and your friend will get a bonus for taking the survey.

Is Survey Junkie legit

To make an opinion about how legitimate the business is, I usually check Google and search for reviews. While searching for Survey Junkie reviews online BBB portal was right on the first search page.

BBB stands for Better Business Bureau. BBB is a non-profit organization that rats business based on different criteria. So, BBB rates Survey Junkie as a legitimate business. Survey Junkie has a B rate from BBB. This is not the perfect rate, but it is a good one. For example, Swagbucks, operated by Prodege LLC has A rating. You can check my Swagbucks review here.

As for Survey Junkie B rating, the main reason for a lower (but again, B rating is not an F rating) rating is a lot of complaints.

But on the other hand, Survey Junkie‘s customer rating is 4.5 stars based on almost eight hundred reviews.

In short, Survey Junkie has 4.5 starts and a good rating, which makes Survey Junkie legit.

Survey Junkie Alternatives

Most if not all of the Survey Junkie reviews are positive. Therefore, sign up and start taking part in surveys.

Sign up with Survey Junkie today!

But if you’re looking for alternatives, here are some:

  • Survey Club. Make money by participating in surveys.
  • Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a rewards program that pays in cash and gift cards not only for surveys, but also for watching videos, playing online games and so much more.
  • Ipsos iSay. The leading research company that pays cash and gift cards for your opinion.

Survey Junkie Final Thoughts

In short, a lot of Survey Junkie will tell you that you going to make peanuts with Survey Junkie. Of course, it is pretty challenging to make a living by participating in online surveys. But on the other hand, it is such an easy no-brainer side hustle that can be done right on the go, especially with the Survey Junkie hack, that I think Survey Junkie is entirely worth it.

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