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Survey Club Review | Is Survey Club Legit or Scam?

Have an opinion about products or services you use? Take surveys from Survey Club. Find out is Survey Club Legit or Scam in my honest Survey Club review.

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Taking part in online surveys and paid focus groups is a great way to make extra cash. It doesn’t require a lot of time, but extra bucks is a nice reward for a no-brainer activity. Especially when you think of all that time, we spend waiting at the doctors office, in front of the TV, waiting for dinner to be ready or constantly checking social media for no use. Why not take advantage of this time and use even a couple of minutes to make some money?

Is Survey Club legit as a side hustle? Survey Club is a great tool for that. What makes it a little bit different from other survey companies it that Survey Club is not a research company, but a platform that connects research companies and people who are willing to take part in surveys.

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How does Survey Club work?

Survey Club is not a research company, but a platform for other companies to collect data.

Think of Survey Club as of a middleman that connects research companies and people willing to take part in surveys. On the one hand, it is great because Survey Club has more opportunities and can provide a wide variety of surveys in one place. It’s like one-stop shop. On the other hand, you may find yourself in a situation when you apply for a survey with Survey Club, and Survey Club redirects you to other companies, and things get confusing. You need to sign up with these companies and may lose track of how and why you ended up with third parties, but not Survey Club.

What you need to know is that the information you are asked to share is used faceless. What I mean by that is that in the reports survey companies will not show that Billy Smith, his SSN, address, and other sensitive information said this or that. No. The information in the reports is impersonal.

For example, Company A wants to know how housewives between ages 35-45 rate a new cleaning product. They go to a research panel, in this case, Survey Club, which creates a pool among its female members aged 35-45. When the members finish the survey, Company A gets results, Survey Club gets paid and shares a part of earnings with the members, who participated. That’s easy.

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Plus, information shared during surveys is not shared publicly.

How much can you make with Survey Club?

For all of you, who are wondering is Survey Club legit side hustle, the real question is how much can you make with Survey Club. The truth is that you won’t make 6 figures answering surveys, but it is a pretty good way to make some extra cash.

Usually, Survey Club pays $1-$2 per a short survey. Sometimes it claims to have big surveys with up to $500 earnings, but it is a rare catch, and it can be tricky to qualify.

Therefore, think of potential earning as a couple of dollars per survey. Of course, it is not much. But when we switch from social media meaningless browsing to devoting the same time to participating in surveys, we may end up a little bit richer today than we were yesterday.

One step at a time, dollar by dollar, Survey Club can bring you some extra cash and help to create a better financial situation.

Ways to make money with Survey Club

The way anyone can make money with Survey Club is to take part in surveys and get paid in cash, or gift cards.

Here is the process:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Create and fill out a profile with information like name and address. The more information you provide, the more surveys you will be eligible for.
  3. Check for available surveys. A survey becomes available when Survey Club matches your information with available surveys in the panel.
  4. Take part in surveys. You are not obliged to take part in each and every survey. Instead, you can check for available surveys, read about them, and take part only in surveys you’re interested in.
  5. After the survey is finished, you’ll instantly receive money on your Survey Club Account.

Another option to make money with Survey Club is to refer a friend. You get paid $1 per sign up. It’s not a great option to make money, because there is a limit of 5 referrals. Therefore, better concentrate on taking part in surveys.

Is Survey Club Legit or Scam?

Survey Club is a legit company, and it is not a scam.

The reason people have doubts about Survey Club is that it asks to share sensitive information like address and SSN. Most probably you’ve also had doubts and have been asking yourself is Survey Club legit or is it a scam, and this is how you’ve found my Survey Club review. Let me reassure you, Survey Club has a good reputation and substantial time in business. Moreover, if Survey Club has the highest Better Business Bureau rating of A+. This rating means that the Survey Club has a transparent business that doesn’t raise any concerns, has outstanding business practices, and good customer service.

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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people find businesses they can trust.

Survey Club alternatives

If for any reason you still have doubts about joining Survey Club, here is an alternative:


Swagbucks is a popular rewards program that gives gift cards and cash for online and offline activities like shopping, watching videos online, playing online games, or participating in surveys.

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Ipsos Isay

I-Say is a survey panel powered by Ipsos, a global market research company.

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Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a research platform that pays for participation in surveys.

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Survey Club Review Final thoughts

Personally, I love doing surveys. First of all, having a big corporate experience, I know how important the data received from research is. Secondly, it is a fun no-brainer activity that can help earn some extra cash. For these reasons and also my positive Survey Club review, I can recommend Survey Club as a legit survey company and an easy side hustle.

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