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Rich vs Poor: Fundamental Differences

Being poor vs rich comes down to the right mindset and habits. Find out rich vs poor mindset differences and habits.

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You may have heard that the difference between rich vs poor is that poor people work for money while rich people make money work for them.

It is true, but it is not the whole picture.

When we talk about rich vs poor, we may think of small things like bigger salary, better background, good luck, and fortune by chance. All of these are small things that may help or not become rich. But in reality, we need to focus on the big picture.

Rich vs poor

We may find numerous differences between wealthy people and those in need. But it all comes to the basic understanding of the big picture.

Here is what you need to know about rich vs poor:

The difference between rich vs poor is not based on money or the amount of assets.

The real difference between rich vs poor is the mindset and habits.

Please let this sink into your mind. Rich people have a different perspective and angle of vision.

The good news here! You can totally adjust your mindset, gain new habits, and start implementing rich people’s attitudes to live a better life.

Rich vs poor mindset

Is the glass half full or half-empty?

Rich vs poor | Call It Adventure

This is a very basic example of differences in mindset. You can choose a pessimistic point of view and say that the glass is half empty. On contrary, you can be an optimist and say that the glass is half full.

The amount of water stays the same, but the mindset pulls toward a positive or negative attitude.

It goes the same with rich vs poor mindset. In identical situations, people with different mindsets can see different opportunities. Therefore some may use opportunities to their advantage. While others just don’t see these opportunities because they have a different perspective.

Mindset is very important. Moreover, our mindset daily habits shape our future.

Rich people mindset

In short, rich people’s mindset is set to look for opportunities and rich people take responsibility for the way their life goes. In any situation, no matter how good or bad it is, rich people think “what can be done in these circumstances” instead of blaming others or blaming the bad luck.

  • Rich people’s mindset is set to look for opportunities.
  • Rich people take responsibility for the way their life goes.

Moreover, rich people understand that everything (ok, 99%) of their life is the result of their choices and is totally their own responsibility. Therefore, rich people understand that they can change their life. No one except them can do that. Your life is only in your hands, not in your parents’ hands, or the government’s, or your boss’s. They all matter, and they shape your reality, but only you can change your life towards a better one.

Poor people mindset

On the contrary, poor people tend to blame others for their misfortunes. It can be a bad upbringing, the need to live from paycheck to paycheck, or bad luck.

  • Poor people blame others for the way their life goes.

But you’re in luck! Because I gathered habits of rich vs poor people to give you a big picture and help shape your own unique way.

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Rich vs poor habits

Let’s dive into habits that determine rich vs poor mindset.

Rich habit #1. Looking for opportunities

In any situation, you can either take control into your hands and act or give up. Rich people see opportunities everywhere every time. Even in the worst situation, you can take matters into your hands, find out what brought you here and what can be done to make things better.

Poor habit #1. Looking for excuses

Meanwhile, poor people are looking for excuses. Poor people complain about lack of education, money, or luck. But truth to be told, neither of these things matter if you do nothing.

Rich habit #2. Invest in themselves

Rich people constantly learn. From motivating tactics and money management to investment strategies and even new skills. New knowledge helps to see the opportunities others miss. Moreover, by constantly investing in yourself, you can be more efficient and make more money.

Poor habit #2. Don’t think of investing in themselves

Meanwhile, people with a poor mindset stop learning after graduation. It is not a bad thing; it just won’t bring you to six figures.

Rich habit #3. Plan and set S.M.A.R.T goals

If you have no idea where you’re going, you’ll get nowhere. Rich people set short term and long term goals, turn them into action, and achieve them.

One big thing about setting goals: the goals should be S.M.A.R.T., which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.

More about S.M.A.R.T. goals you can find in the book The Art Of Setting Smart Goals, by Anisa Marku.

Poor habit #3. Don’t plan

Speaking about the poor people, most of them just sail through life with no particular long-term goal.

Moreover, poor people dream about a better life but do not turn these dreams into goals. Therefore the dream stays a dream.

Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals to switch the mindset towards success.

Rich habit #4. Look several steps ahead to see the result

No doubt that the big picture is what’s important. Sometimes it takes multiple steps to achieve the goal. Rich people see the full picture of their goals. Therefore they stay calm, knowing what to expect and how to act.

Poor habit #4. See only one step ahead

On the contrary, poor people may be very anxious about each separate step and miss the whole picture. It is exhausting, and sometimes people give.

Here is a very simple example everyone can relate to. Upon doing home renovation, you can either choose the style for the whole house and therefore the color scheme for all house or decide in each separate room what color the walls should be. What option is more exhausting? The same with goals.

Always look at the bigger picture.

Rich habit #5. Know how money works

Knowing how money works is the fundamental knowledge anyone who wants to become rich should acquire. It is not a big secret or something very difficult to understand. Everyone can learn money management.

You don’t have to get a degree or spend thousands in coach sessions.

Here are some great posts about money management that are very easy to read and therefore implement:

Moreover, you can borrow a book from a local library and learn money management for free!

Here are my 2 top books to start learning how money works:

Poor habit #5. Don’t know how money work

The majority, if not all poor people, think that rich people know some kind of a secret on how to make money. Moreover, that secret must be too complicated to understand.

Rich habit #6. Not afraid to fail

Yes, you should never be afraid of failing because failing gives you an understanding of what really works and what doesn’t.

Rich people think of failure as an experience, make conclusions, improve, and try again.

Poor habit #6. Afraid to fail.

Meanwhile, once people with a poor mindset fail, they mostly never try again. No doubt that failing awful, and it discourages to continue. But what you do with the failure matters. Poor people give up. Rich people analyze, adjust, and try until they succeed.

Rich habit #7. Take responsibility

Rich people take responsibility for their liver and therefore control them. The knowledge that control is in your hands gives rich people power and motivation to reach goals and thrive.

Poor habit #7. Blame others

Meanwhile, poor people blame others for their misfortunes.

My personal opinion is that your life is your responsibility. You can listen and depend on a lot of things, but the way you act and react and what you do with given circumstances is totally your responsibility. Therefore you can conquer mountains once you gain a habit of taking responsibility for your life.

Rich habit #8. Open to new opinions

Rich people listen, learn, and always eager to try new things. You don’t know what you don’t know. But you can learn new things by listening to other opinions.

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Poor habit #8. Ashamed to admit they don’t know something

We grow up and think that we should know everything. Poor people are ashamed to admit they don’t know something or don’t understand. Therefore they miss so much, even though a little investment can pay back.

Rich habit #9. Don’t work for money

Here it the most popular rich people habit: rich people don’t work for money. Money work for rich people.

Truth to be told here, you don’t need billions to make money work for you. Learn the basics of money management, take baby steps, and even coins can work for you if you know how to invest them.

Poor habit #9. Work for money

Poor people don’t know how money works. Therefore even lottery winners with millions of dollars lose money because they have no idea how money work. As a result, poor people can’t make money work, and work for money.

Rich habit #10. Make educated decisions

No matter what decision rich people make, the decisions are educated. Rich people listen to mentors, coaches, advisors, or research the problem to create a plan.

Poor habit #10. Make impulsive decisions.

On the contrary, poor people make impulsive decisions with no particular research or action plan. Then fail and never try again.

But the key is always to do proper research and make an educated decision.

You can read my story about blogging, where I share my impulsive start and then doing research and making money.

Rich vs poor final thoughts

I’m very glad you’ve decided to dive into the questions rich vs poor. The reason is that once you start understanding the fundamentals of rich life, you may as well implement them into your life to make it more comfortable.

Remember, rich people are just the same as poor people. The choices, attitudes, habits, and actions are the real difference. Try to incorporate rich people mindset into your life no matter what financial state you’re in or what your goals are.