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How To Earn $300 per hour With Online Paid Focus Groups

16 Best Online Paid Focus Groups: Earn up to $300/hour and even more

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Do you have your own opinion about politics or beauty products? Take part in paid focus groups, share your opinions and make $300 per hour and even more.

Big and small businesses hire research companies to study the trends and improve business plans. Research companies, in their turn, gather focus groups and collect information from real people like you about services and products.

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This is where you can step in, take part in surveys, focus groups, and market research, and earn extra money.

What is a focus group?

Paid focus groups are a date-driven form of market research like surveys. The main goal is to gather opinions and statistics to predict trends, improve products, or develop new ones. Participants take part in small groups of mostly 5-8 people and give opinion about the targeted product.

Paid focus groups work in-person (you need to show up at a specific location), and online.

I’m a fan of side hustles that can earn you extra money while you’re on a sofa during an evening or a weekend. That’s why let’s talk about online paid focus groups that give you the opportunity to make money online.

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Tips how to choose paid focus groups

When it comes to sharing our personal information, we usually become very protective, and even opportunities to make extra money won’t change our mind, right? But when we are talking about serious research companies who take information security very serious, we can be sure that they and protect participants and their own reputation. Make sure to check reviews about the company you choose to work with, their reputation and image.

Below I gathered the list of the best companies that pay for taking part in focus groups. Save your time, choose the one that you like most, register, and start making money by sharing your opinion.

16 best companies that pay for taking part in paid focus groups:

1. Survey Junkie

The most popular platform online to make extra cash by completing online surveys. The only thing to keep in mind is that Survey Junkie doesn’t pay you in cash, but rather in point that can be redeemed into gift cards. But the whole experience is rather easy and straight forward. Probably Survey Junkie is one of the easiest ways to make money with survey companies. Start here and check it for yourself.

Find out more about Survey Junkie in my post What Survey Junkie Reviews Should Tell You.

Pay: $2-75 equivalent per survey


A world-wide marketing research company that makes remote interviews.

Average pay is $140 per hour

3. User Interviews

User Interviews is the user research platform for recruiting research participants.

Pay: $10-100 per survey


A panel where you register online, take part in surveys and paid focus groups.

Pay: $75-150 per survey

5. Google Usability

A survey right from Google. Yes, it is a real thing. You can join Google User Research to share your experience. Once you complete the survey, you’ll receive a gift card, or you can choose to donate the money to any charity. So it is a little bit tricky, you won’t get rich with this, but it is a great and secure way to check what an online focus group is.

Pay: $75 per hour

6. Recruit and Field

National market research company that holds in-person and online surveys.

Pay: $100-275 per study

7. Ipsos i-say

It is a survey site that has a big variety of rewards for your time and opinion starting from cash payments to merchandise, gift cards and even charity.

Pay: $50-100 per hour

8. Experience Dynamics

A user research panel for researching user experience, including user testing, user research, interaction design, and visual design.

Pay: $50-150 per study

9. SpringBoard America

SpringBoard America is another legit research company that pays real money for customers’ opinion.

Pay: $0.5-5 per 10-minute surveys

Update: currently SpringBoard America don’t register new users.

10. American Consumer Opinion

It is a highly rated and legit company that pays in exchange for an opinion.

Pay: up tp $50 per survey

11. Survey Feeds

Survey Feeds is a web-site that collects the best paid research opportunities. Some of them are set offline and offer big rewards, and some are conducted online and still pay you good amounts of money.

Pay: up to $2,000 per study offline and up tp $300 per study online

12. Mindswarms

Mindswarms is a global survey panel that collects data in a form of video. If you feel comfortable, then apply to Mindswarms and record answers to a selected surveys.

Pay: $50 per study

13. 20|20 

20 | 20 is an innovative and technology advanced online research company.

Pay: $50-150 per survey

14. Inspired Opinions

Inspired Opinions is a data collecting company that works with world-known brands.

Pay: $5-100 per survey

15. Engage Studies

Engage Studies is a research company that works with businesses, individuals and institutions.

Pay: $50-250 per survey

16. SIS International Research

It is global research company that gathers focus groups to collect data about B2B, healthcare, and consumer products.

Pay: $150 per hour

Additional online paid focus group opportunities

You can find excellent options for paid focus groups on the following resources:

  1. Craigslist – check “jobs” or “gigs” section.
  2. – a web-site with paid focus group listing.
  3. – web-site where you can find focus groups.
  4. GreenBook – a directory of research companies
  5. Advanced Focus – a is market research company based in New York that conducts a variety of surveys, including paid focus groups.
  6. Quirks – a media platform where market researchers and participants meet.
  7. Plaza Research – network of focus group facilities

Final thoughts

If you like to share your opinions about products or trends, then taking part in market researches is a great side hustle for you. Let me know what you think about online paid focus groups in comments.

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