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Best Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners

Online transcription is a great entry-level remote job with good pay and a flexible schedule. Start here to find the best online transcription jobs.

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Do you want to work from anywhere, work anytime you want, and yet making money?

Of course, you do. But is it real for a person with no particular skills for a remote job?

Yes, it is real with a career as an online transcriptionist.

Online transcription is an entry-level job with a flexible schedule that can be done remotely from home.

Sounds intriguing? Learn how much an online transcriptionist can make, what it takes to become successful, and where to look for remote gigs.

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Online transcription jobs responsibilities

The main job duty of a transcriptionist is to convert voice recordings into text.

Usually, the online transcription work process looks like this: a client sends an audio file, and an online transcriptionist converts this file into text by listening and typing down the text.

There are different types of transcription. But it all narrows down to general transcription and legal transcription.

Looking for a remote entry-level job? Do you have a sharp ear? Do you type fast?

Then try FREE General Transcription or FREE Legal Transcription Mini-Courses from Transcribe Anywhere to build a successful online career.

How much does an Online Transcriptionist make

According to the an online transcriptionist can make in average  $45,242 per year. An entry-level specialist can make around $16k at the beginning of a career.

But top online transcriptionists make over six figures per year, which is impressive considering that an online transcription is an easy entry-level job.

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How to start an Online Transcriptionist career

One of the biggest advantages of an online transcriptionist career is that you can start with no experience if you know the basics.

Ready to enjoy work from home flexibility and have an easy side hustle? Then get this FREE General Transcription Mini-Course from Transcribe Anywhere and begin making money as an online transcriptionist.

I recommend a FREE training because even if you have doubts, you can get a sense of that an online transcription is and decide if this is something you’d like to pursue. If you don’t feel is it a good match then it is ok. At least you wouldn’t spend money on something you’re not gonna use.

But if you find that online transcription looks like a very potential income source for you, this FREE General Transcription Mini-Course from TranscribeAnywhere is a great start.

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Where to find the best Online Transcription Jobs

Check these resources to find your next transcription job:

1. 1-888-Type-It-Up

An online transcription provider that is constantly looking for new transcriptionists to join their team.

2. 3Play Media

3Play Media is a company that provides video accessibility solutions and looking for new transcriptionists to hire.

3. Aberdeen

Aberdeen, a broadcasting company, is currently hiring new transcriptionists.

4. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is a Canadian company that offers transcription services.

5. Allegis Transcription

Allegis Transcription hires home-based online transcriptionists to do mostly legal transcription.

6. Appen

Appen is a company that provides a wide range of services to improve artificial intelligence. It may sound frustrating, but the point is that it is a legit company that hires remote transcriptionists.

7. BabbleType

BabbleType is a translation, transcription, and editing company that is constantly hiring.

8. BAM Transcription

BAM Transcription is an LA based transcription company.

9. Cambridge Transcriptions

Cambridge Transcriptions is a growing company that is always looking for new members to join the team.

10. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription is a very competitive company that will nurture you as a newbie transcriptionist.

11. Dictate Express

Dictate Express offers professional transcription services and hire transcriptionists. But first, you will need to pass a couple of grammar tests to apply, which is totally normal for a transcriptionist company.

12. FLexJob

FlexJobs is a job search site with a lot of transcriptionist gigs.

13. Focus Forward

Focus Forward is a fast-growing research company that hires transcriptionists with any level.

14. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is always looking for new hires to join their transcription services company.

15. Go Transcript

Go Transcript offers affordable transcription services. Therefore it can be a great first job place for a beginning transcriptionist.

16. Guru

Guru is a platform to connect freelancers and companies together for work opportunities.

17. Hollywood Transcriptions

Hollywood Transcriptions is a company with a great reputation, which is regularly hiring new transcriptionists.

18. Indeed

Indeed is a job search site with a lot of opportunities for transcriptionists to find a position.

19. Jooble

Jobble is a job search site where you can find transcriptionist beginner jobs.

20. Net Transcripts

Net Transcripts is the leading provider of confidential transcription law enforcement services. Search their available positions here.

21. Pioneer Transcription Services

Pioneer Transcription Services is constantly looking for new hires. Check their job page here.

22. QuickTate

QuickTate is a work from home transcription company that hires independent contractors.

23. is probably the most popular transcriptionist company. offer freelance positions as well as office jobs.

24. RNK Productions

RNK Productions provides transcription and scripting services for the entertainment industry. Check job opportunities here.

25. Scribie

Scribie is a transcription company that offers audio and video transcription.

26. Speakwrite

Speakwrite offers legal transcription services and almost always hiring.

27. SpeedPad

SpeedPad provides transcription services offers a variety of positions. Check them here.

28. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe offers a wide range of transcription services and has a very supportive team that is always looking for new members to join.

29. Transcript Divas

A New York City based transcription services company that hires remote transcriptionists.

30. Transcription Hub

It is a company that hires new transcriptionists all the time.

31. Transcription Wing

Transcription Wing offers transcription services and always looking for new hires. You can even apply today.

32. Upwork

Upwork is a site for freelance opportunities where you can find transcriptionist gigs.

33. Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink is a division of Ubiqus, a global leading language services provider that is always hiring new transcriptionists to join their team.

34. Virtual Volcanos

Virtual Volcanos is a telecommunication company that helps to find legitimate remote jobs.

35. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a large job search site with a lot of remote job opportunities for a beginner transcriptionist.

Final thoughts

Working from home as an online transcriptionist is a real way to make money even with no experience. Online transcription jobs give the flexibility to work from anywhere and yet make good money.

Of course, like any other job, online transcription takes time, practice, and a lot of efforts to become successful.

But with the right learning, determination, and hard work, the online transcription can be one of the best choices for a newbie who is sharpened for success.

Start the career of an online transcriptionist today with FREE General Transcription Mini-Course from TranscribeAnywhere.