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32 Smart Ways To Make 100 a Day

Make money fast with these smart ways to make 100 a day.

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If you’re looking for ways to make extra money, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have a couple of hours per week to invest or a couple of days, there are a lot of options to make 100 a day and even more.

Making extra money can change your life and help you with:

  • Paying off your debt
  • Save money for a dream
  • Live less stressful life
  • Break “living paycheck-to-paycheck” routine
  • Get financial freedom
  • Change lifestyle according to your desires
  • Retire early
  • Start investing
  • Get the job you deserve

Having an extra income can change your life, no doubt here. Probably, this is the reason you are here. I hope that with the following smart ways to make extra money, you’ll find something to implement the right way and make 100 a day and even more.

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How to make make 100 a day: 32 smart ways

1. Start a blog

Blogging is very popular nowadays. It can give you financial freedom if you’re willing to invest time and be patient. It is not a fast track money way, but if done properly blogging can make much more that 100 a day. Check out how by Alex and Lauren went from $0 blogging to making over $100,000 per month from their blogs… in less than two years…

I share my personal experience and a big little secret to success in the post How to Make Money blogging. Make sure to check it here.

2. Take part in online paid surveys and focus groups

There are a lot of companies out there who are willing to pay for your opinions. Taking part in online surveys and online focus groups doesn’t take a lot of time, but it is a great side hustle that makes a couple of dollars depending on a survey. The more significant a survey is, the more money survey companies pay.

12 best companies that pay for taking part in surveys:

Actually, with Nielsen, you can go the extra mile and download an app that tracks what websites you use and how long you stay there.
An important thing to remember about surveys and Nielsen here is not an exception that all information is collected anonymously. The survey companies don’t need to know who checks what. They need large scale statistics. So, if you ok with sharing your opinions and some of the information as an anonym, then consider taking surveys to make extra money.

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3. Get paid to shop

How about getting cash back for your purchases? There are several options here:

Rakuten (sign up and get $10) – for shopping online. Use eBates to make online purchases and receive cash back and extra money.

Best Mark – make money mystery shopping.

iBotta – get cash back on everyday purchases.

Check my review of iBotta.

Fetch rewards – a mobile app where you download receipts, collect points that can be redeemed to gift cards.

4. Write an ebook

Have you ever thought of sharing some of your experiences in a book? Or maybe write stories for kids? Noways it is very easy to create and sell ebooks, because digital products don’t need huge investments (except for your time). But as a return, a ebook can be a great source to make extra money.

If you need a little guidance, but ready for the journey, check The last book on novel writing you’ll ever need, by Jessica Broody. This is a comprehensive guide that can help create your very first book.

5. Rent out sports equipment

Do you have a bike you don’t use a lot, or maybe ski that are covered in dust in the garage? Rent them out at Craigslist.

6. Sell things you don’t need

You can make thousands by selling stuff you don’t need. Moreover, most of us have many more things than we actually need or use. Revise stuff you use, including furniture, clothing, appliances, books. Post and sell them on eBay or Craigslist.

7. Give advise for money 

Everyone has their own sphere of expertise. It can be cooking, gardening, or even engineering. Did you know that you can help people with your experience, give advice ,and make money?

Head to JustAnswer to make extra money by giving advice.

8. Become a freelancer

We live in a digital era, and there are a lot of opportunities to make money as a freelancer. Plus, a freelance lifestyle can give you the freedom to live wherever you want and be flexible. Think of things you’re good at and which can be helpful to other people. It can be anything from managing someone’s social media to bookkeeping.

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The following websites can be of great help to find customers:

9. Design web-sites

If you don’t think that this is an excellent option for you to make 100 a day, you’re mistaken. Long gone are the days when a lot of skills and time were needed to create a website. Nowadays, there are a lot of platforms, such as WordPress, for example, where you can design an excellent website for small companies or individuals that looks professional.

10. Use apps that make money

How about making extra money on your phone instead of endlessly browsing social media feed?

Here some ideas on how you can make extra money with a phone:

11. Sell crafts

One of the smart ways to make $100 a day is to sell crafts. Head to the post 12 High Profit Things To Make and Sell Online to find out more.

12. Teach

For all of you who think, what can I teach, believe me, you have skills some are willing to have. It can be the power of making a speech  or 5-minutes morning yoga. Teach people things that you’re good at. You can teach offline in your spare time or create an online course to reach more people and create a passive stream of income.

The best website to create, sell online courses and make extra money is Teachable.

13. Get unclaimed government money

Did you know that there is some money you can claim and you didn’t? Go to to check if you’re missing free money.

14. Become a host with Airbnb

If you have a basement, you don’t use much, or a spare room, or even a cabin, you can make money by renting it. I have a friend who rents out their house when they go on vacation and make enough money to cover getaway costs. So, I think that renting out spare space with Airbnb is a very smart way to make extra money.

What I like about Airbnb is that it shows you information about guests, and you can accept or reject the booking if something looks shady.

Start making extra money with Airbnb today.

15. Sell old books

I bet there are some excellent books you have that are covered in dust. Someone may need them, especially if it is a college book that is pretty pricey.

I sell my old college books on eBay. I’m happy that a book can have a second life and I get extra money.

16. Baby-sitting

Marry Poppins required. You can make 100 a day helping out parents with babysitting. Depending on your skills and availability, you can babysit small babies, kids after school, or during evenings when parents decide to go out.

Go to to look for baby-sitting and other opportunities.

17. Pet-sitting

A fun and healthy way to make extra money is by pet-sitting. You can make 100 a week walking dogs or playing with cats. Head to Rover or to to become a pet-sitter..

18. Provide senior care

If you think that kids are too much of a responsibility and have an allergy that prevents from pet-sitting, but you’ll be gladly looking after someone, choose to provide senior care. Sometimes older people just need a companion to talk to or to read, and they or their family are eager to pay.

Go to to look senior care and other opportunities.

20. House-sitting

A great way not only to make extra money but also to get an excellent place for a vacation. Get paid to watch over a house, water plants and keep it well-maintained.

3 best house-sitting services:

21. Drive Uber

Hail companies like Uber or Lyft pay, on average, $15 per hour plus tips, which can easily make $100 a day. You can spend evenings driving people around and make extra money.

22. Open an online shop

You can run an online shop and make extra money with it. You can sell crafts, books, online courses, and so much more.

Head to Shopify to register an online shop for free or to Teachable to run online courses.

Read more about easy things to make and sell online.

23. Rent your car

Another way to make $100 a day is to rent your car when you don’t need it. Get to to list you car.

24. Become a photographer

From holiday family photos to fall foliage and newborn sessions, there are so many beauty to capture. Become a photographer to do so and make extra cash. On average, photographers charge $200 and up per session. You can get a nice camera, learn some tricks in Photoshop, and start to make $100 a day.


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25. Tutor

You can tutor people and make extra cash. There are lots of services where you can post your services. For example, check Tutor Hunt or let your friends know on social media and let word of mouth do the trick.

26. Teach English

No doubt that English is one of the most popular international languages. There are a lot of people from non-English speaking counties who struggle to learn it and seek help from a native speaker. You can get paid for just a chat and create conversations with international students.

Head to Vip Kid or EF (Education First) to help others learn English. Or whatever your native language is.

Please someone help me with Spanish:)

27. Find a part-time job

Of course, the easiest way to make money is to go get a job. If you need more money, find a second job. No brainer here. There are a lot of part-time jobs that can work with you main full-time job, starting from a bartender to a lifeguard. Look for part-time opportunities on Craigslist and SnagaJob.

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28. Ask for a raise or a promotion

Why not make more money at your current job? Look into your work. Seek the opportunities to improve your performance, and after that, let your supervisor know that you deserve a promotion or a raise.

29. Become a Tasker

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed just a little help? I bet you did, so as many of us. For that reason, why not become a help someone may need? Go to Task Rabbit to find someone with small errands like assembling furniture or planting flowers.

30. Invest spare change

Invest leftover change from everyday purchases and invest it with Acorns.

31. Find an online job to work from home

There are lots of online jobs as we live in a digital era. From a virtual assistant to social media managing, writing posts, and bookkeeping, choose what you are ready for.

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The following websites can be of great help to find online jobs:

32. Get paid to walk

Making extra money can be a great motivation for someone to walk more and therefore benefit for health. Check Sweatcoin, it pays you to walk.

Check my post about Sweatcoin here.

It goes without saying that making extra cash requires extra work. But sometimes you can invest as little as a couple of hours per week and easily make 100 a day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Are you interested in making extra money? Let me know what ideas look appealing to you and share your thoughts on making money.