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How to start a new career today with FREE online courses.

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Nowadays, you don’t have to get a new college degree to start a new career for most of the cases.

Of course, if you want a particular job like a neurosurgeon or a corporate lawyer, you will need a certain amount of college education.

But we are fortunate today. And the reason for that is that there are tons of FREE opportunities to invest in yourself to get new knowledge that will boost your career. Moreover, thanks to technology, we can learn new things from the comfort of our home with FREE online courses.

Continue reading to find out about FREE online classes that will help land a new job, make extra cash, or get a new career.

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Best courses to take to get a job

Free online bootcamp by Alex and Laureen

Blogging is a great way to get your mind busy, overcome challenges, and make money. I wrote a whole post about reasons why blog. Blogging will train you in so many ways. Starting from setting up a web-site to marketing and social media management. For starters, I recommend reading a book by Alex Nerney and Laureen McManus on how to start a blog. In this book, Alex and Laureen give a step by step guide to building a blog. After you can head to Alex and Laureen’s web-side to sign up for a free 5-days bootcamp for beginners.

If you’ve been thinking about blogging for a while, don’t waste your time and sign up for a course on how to make money online from Alex and Laureen. They will share their system on how to build a successful blog and make 6 figures per year.

Free classes to start a bookkeeping business

If you are on a more conservative side and blogging is not your cup of tea, look into bookkeeping. Bookkeeping can be a remote  job that gives you flexibility, and still, it is a pretty conservative job. All you need to succeed in bookkeeping is self-organization, basic math skills, and determination to make it work. Recently I’ve found a great online course from that will boost your online career. It is a paid course. But they have FREE classes that cover the bookkeeping business and the strategy behind it. If you smart enough, maybe have some experience in the field, and interested in a career of a bookkeeper, check these free classes. I’m sure you’ll find them useful.

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Free class on Teachable on how to launch an online course

This sounds tricky, right? A course that will teach you how to create a course? Yes. You’ve read it correctly. The thing is that one of the most valuable and easy to sell goods is the knowledge that you have. You may underestimate yourself, but here is a hack. Ask your friends and dearest ones what are some of your skills they’d like to have. I bet there can be found some great ideas. It can be as simple as gardening or homeschooling tips and as complicated as software development and engineering.

Head to to learn for free how to create an online course.

Free online class to start a career of a proofreader

If you have strong grammar skills and love reading and helping others look into proofreading. Proofreading is a great way on how to make money online. Check this free course from Caitlyn to  learn the basics of proofreading and how to turn it into a career.

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Free online class to start a career of a transcriptionist

One of the most accessible jobs nowadays to enter is a transcriptionist. In two words, a transcriptionist converts audio into text. Check this free online course from to learn who is a transcriptionist and how to make money online working as one.

Additionally, I’d like to point out that there are a lot of free online classes from different colleges and platforms.

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Learning platforms with free online courses:

While all of these resources are great in terms of acquiring new skills and learning, I’d like to shift your attention to online courses from individual businesses. The reason is that when a successful person shares his path and knowledge, you know that this knowledge is comprehensive.

Therefore, all of the courses that I recommended in this post are fully functioned systems that work and make money. It is not a fast track to get rich, but it is definitely a proven way, taken by many, toward a new career.

Eventually, we are here to find out how to make money online, not to find a new hobby or kill time learning something that will not lead us towards our professional and financial goals.

But if you are happy where you are professionally and look for a hobby to relax after work, I hope that I shared some resources that you may find helpful in search of new hobbies.

Please let me know if you took any online courses that you found very useful.

best courses to take to get a job

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