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How To Get Free Gift Cards: 8 Smart Ways

Did you know that you can get free gift cards any time you want, not only for birthdays from friends? Check out how.

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Free gift cards are the next best thing after free money. They are even better in some ways. When you have cash, you start to think about wise ways to spend or invest money. But a gift card is like a permission to treat yourself.

Usually, we don’t get gift cards except for holidays or for special occasions. But what if you knew where to get them?

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8 Smart ways to get free gift cards

Try these ideas to get free gift cards:

1. Participate in paid online surveys and focus groups

The easiest way to get free gift cards is to take part in online surveys and paid focus groups. There are many research panels that will reward participants for sharing their opinions, but here are my top favorites:

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2. Play video games and watch videos online

One of my favorite rewards program is Swagbucks. With Swagbucks you can get points for a variety of online activities such as playing online games or watching videos. Points can be redeemed into cash or gift cards.

Sign up with Swagbucks today and receive $10 bonus.

3. Get cashback for shopping

Another great way to get free gift cards is to earn cashback on everyday purchases with Ibotta app. Ibotta is a rewards program that works with more than 100 retailers such as Target or Walmart. You can scan your checks to Ibotta app or make a purchase with an app. Anyway you’ll get a cashback.

Read my honest Ibotta review here.

4. Apply for credit cards with rewards

Many banks offer bonuses for new credit cards. Check if you can cancel your inefficient credit cards and apply for new ones with good sign up bonuses and other perks like good cash back and a low rate.

For example, I just love my Chase Sapphire Preferred card. The sign-up bonus was equivalent to $750 in travel, which I used for a trip to Europe.

5. Redeem points from credit cards

I usually forgot about rewards on my credit cards. So most of the times, when I check the rewards there is always some amount that can be redeemed as a free gift card. Therefore keep track of the current credit cards reward programs you might be enrolled in and take advantage of that rewards.

6. Refer a friend

If you use a product, you like and can recommend, then check if there is a referral program. Many companies and services have referral programs when you refer a friend and get free gift cards.

You can refer a friend to a new credit card, to a new cable provider, to Amazon Prime. The list is endless.  Check the products you like for referral terms.

7. Trade-In

Do you have some old and outdated devices that you’ll never use? Most of us have old phones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, WIFI routers, or other things that occupy the storage space but don’t serve a purpose.

Many retailers, such as Amazon, Target, Apple, Verizon, and Walmart offer trade-in programs. You bring an old device, trade it in, and receive a free gift card practically for nothing. Plus, you declutter your home, which is a nice habit.

8. Test Drive

Some of the vehicles manufactures, and dealerships offer free gift cards for a test drive. If you like cars and are interested in what’s new on the market or are looking to get a new car, then a bonus for doing so can be very sweet.


There are many ways to get free gift cards from performing simple tasks to participating in online activities. You need to choose the best idea that will work for you and enjoy the perks of free gift card rewards.

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