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Necessary Camping Essentials And Camping Gear List

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For the reason that camping is such a vast area, it can be difficult to create a camping gear list and decide what camping essentials are a must-have. Below is a comprehensive list of 4 areas of camping gear you need to cover to be ready for a successful camping trip.

Mother nature calls and beckons and the feeling of limitless awaits nature amateurs. People of all ages love camping and outdoor activities on weekends and holidays. Some preferrer small trails just to wander around and enjoy company, scenery, and weather. Others spend weekends on campsites to immerse into an adventurous life of a camper. Some challenge themselves into long distance hiking that requires serious preparation, equipment and will to push their limits and get tremendous inspiration.

Regardless of hike length and your previous activity level, keep in mind 4 areas to take care of to create the best backpacking gear list to fit your needs.

1. Stay warm and comfortable

This means wear, and take with you weather-appropriate clothing. The basic items are:

Call It Adventure • Hiking bootsHiking boots
Yeap, that’s it. First of all, hiking shoes are must-have. Above all, additional items like high-quality socks or jackets can keep you warm, comfortable and safe. Check the article Day Hike. What To Take And What To Wear to find out about recommended hiking apparel and 10 essentials for hiking.

2. Stay full and hydrated

Another important point is to bring plenty of food and water keep you throughout the day energetic and active.

You will need 32 ounces of water for every 3 miles of a hike or for every 2 hours per adult. Plus bring 1 gallon of water per person per day for cooking and drinking needs at the camp. Therefore, if you are going to camp for 2 days and plan to do 6 miles hike per day, this means water supply should be 2 gallon and 128 ounces or 3 gallons per person.

Plan 3 meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

  • Breakfast should be a substantial source of calories to boost energy for a day: eggs, bagels, cereal, fruits, oatmeal and a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Lunch can be different kinds of snacks: energy bars, jerky, dried fruits, and nuts. Eventually, the reason we are here is to hike, not to master culinary arts.
  • Dinner. Finally. This is where you can relax and treat yourself with something delicious. Grilled veggies and meat are always the winners when it comes to outdoor eating. Other examples can be instant soups, noodles or packaged meals.

3. Arrange the sleep and accommodation

After an active day on fresh air all you need is a good sleep in comfortable conditions. So, create an atmosphere of comfortable rest with proper tent equipment. Some of the following camping gear if not all of it can be a pretty good base to take care of a night stay.

Call It Adventure • TentTent

Depending on party size and season choose the appropriate tent. Certainly, a good example for summer and fall camping is Marmot Limelight 2 Person Camping Tent which is compact, easy to use and of high quality.

Call It Adventure • Sleeping BagSleeping Bags

As with a tent, also choose a sleeping bag based on your needs and check the average night temperatures.

Call It Adventure • Sleeping PadSleeping Pads

Believe, sleeping pads will help fall into a deep sleep with comfort.

Call It Adventure • Camping LanternCamping Lantern 

In order not to fumble in the dark enlighten the tent.

Call It Adventure • Face MaskFace mask and earplugs for better sleep

Looks like not the most important camping gear. But for the reason that outdoor areas full of sounds starting from neighbors celebrating a successful hike and ending with trees singing the song of leaves, falling asleep can be challenging. Therefore, earplugs can be a smart decision.

4. Stay comfortable

Going camping is not all about camping gear. What is also important is to bring items of personal hygiene and medicals you may need. For example, the following items can make your stay more comfortable:

Call It Adventure • ToothbrushToothbrush

You can take a classic pair of a toothbrush and toothpaste, or you can prefer a disposable toothbrush that doesn’t require water and toothpaste. It can save time and water but at the same time increase the amount of trash. Make an educated choice.


Call It Adventure • TowelTowel

Certainly, a shower is what people crave after a day spent hiking. Microfiber towel saves space in a backpack and does a great job absorbing water.


Call It Adventure • Body WipesBody wipes

Seems like a great option when there is no shower, but there a desire to stay fresh.


Call It Adventure • MoisturizerMoisturizer

For those who want to save the way hands and face look and to avoid marks of living in the wilderness make sure to moisturize the skin to keep its healthy look. For that reason, any moisturizer is a good solution.




Call It Adventure • First Aid KitFirst aid kit and medicine if needed

Just to be safe take a first aid kit. You can leave it in the car to have it with you all the time whenever you go.


Call It Adventure • BackpackBack-pack to keep all the items

Take a backpack, fill it with snacks and water and make the first step on a road of adventures.

In the era of urban living and city life, people certainly became estranged from nature. For that reason spending as much time as possible can be a great benefit to health, mood, and soul. Therefore, check nearby trails and parks, follow the camping gear list and embark on a journey of exploring the glory of nature.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. So make the most of it and call it adventure!

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